• 1985Joins the Osamu Tezuka Fan Club, and spends 24/7/365 reading his comics.
    Shows his own four-frame comics to Mr. Tezuka, and aims to be a comic artist after being delighted by his feedback.
  • 1986Joins the Yuki Saito Fan Club and enjoys a fanboy life.
  • 1987Develops a crush on the cover photo of Tiffany’s first album, listens to her music, and is awakened to English songs.
  • 1988Mind is blown by Ozzy Osbourne’s music and aims to be the next guitarist in his band, instead of a comic artist.
  • 1989Buys his first guitar (an electric by Charvel) and spends 24/7/365 practicing.
  • 1992Yearns for a lifestyle like in the Japanese drama “Tokyo Love Story” and moves to Tokyo.
    Travels to California to visit Randy Rhoads’ grave.
    Gets his soul stirred by the album “Hotel California”, which he buys at the Tower Records store on the Sunset Strip because of the cover, and is awakened to 1970’s Southern California music.
  • 1993In shock by the Beatles’ Red and Blue Albums, which are available on CD for the first time, he aims to be a singer-songwriter, instead of playing the guitar in the Ozzy Osbourne band.
    Compares himself to the Beatles and decides to learn four things which he is unable to do (play instruments, sing, compose songs, and write lyrics in English).
  • 1994Meets a gentleman who interviewed Jackson Browne in the early 70’s and is addicted to his music instantly.
  • 1995Is impressed by the Elton John concert at Budokan and buys his first keyboard for $100 the very next day.
    Tries to learn "Your Song", but couldn’t, due to a lack of keys. Starts to learn “Imagine” instead.
  • 1996With all the money he earned by wearing costumes and cleaning building floors, he travels to Los Angeles to live in the same apartment building Jackson Browne, Glenn Frey, and J.D. Souther occupied in the early 70’s.
    Instantly discovers that the apartment building had been torn down.
    Overcomes the disappointment and starts performing at bars and clubs in Los Angeles.
  • 2000Returns to Japan, out of fear of being an illegal alien in America when his visa expires.
  • 2003He releases his self-published debut EP "Side 1", and receives a positive review in the Player magazine.
  • 2004Starts performing at bars and clubs in Tokyo and its vicinity.
  • 2008His first single, "Sweet Way", is released on an indie label.
  • 2009His second single, "Sea Of Anxiety" is released on an indie label.
  • 2011Learns a total of 10 Jackson Browne songs.
  • 2012Learns a total of 20 Jackson Browne songs.
  • 2015Learns a total of 30 Jackson Browne songs.
  • 2017Learns a total of 40 Jackson Browne songs.
  • 2019Drives the entire Route 66 (2,448 miles between Chicago and Los Angeles).