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September 23 (Mon), 2019
Solo Acoustic

  • OPEN: Morning
  • START: 3:00pm / 4:00pm (2 shows)
  • VENUE: Cafe Terrace Momo, Nagano City  
  • TEL:026-266-3701
  • No music charge

October 18 (Fri), 2019
Solo Acoustic

  • OPEN: 11:00am
  • START: 8:00pm / 9:00pm (2 shows)
  • VENUE: The Bubble Over, Ichigao  
  • TEL:045-972-2424
  • No music charge

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Sep 12, 2019NEW
The 'Set List' page updated: Aug 31 (Sat) @ Woodstock Cafe
Sep 02, 2019
New gig added: Oct 18 (Fri) @ The Bubble Over
Aug 21, 2019
The 'Set List' page updated: Jul 27 (Sat) @ Almanac House
Aug 01, 2019
New gig added: Sep 23 (Mon) @ Cafe Terrace Momo
Jul 26, 2019
New gig added: Jul 27 (Sat) @ Almanac House


goki goki is a Japanese singer-songwriter, deeply influenced by Jackson Browne. He sticks to a simple style where lyrics and melody have great significance, as does Jackson Browne’s music. goki also adds some uniqueness to the style, and has been writing and performing his own original music.

His repertoire includes almost all songs in Jackson Browne’s first five albums (“Saturate Before Using” through “Running On Empty”). He performs them on the guitar or piano in the solo acoustic style, which attracts many people who have also been Jackson Browne fans since the 1970s.

Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Tom Petty, and so on.



You can send an email to goki from here if you have any question or requests. Also, if you can provide him with a place to play, you’re the one who he’s looking for. goki is always ready to visit and play all over the world, so please feel free to contact him.

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